Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA)
17 Jan, 2018

We Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA), endeavor to provide affordable, sufficient, safe and clean water and to have an efficient and sustainable water supply system which is capable of catering for the current and future customers’ needs.

Billing Process Procedures

The AUWSA have acquired an efficient Billing Software from OIKOS Interprises Ltd from Zambia which runs in SQL Server. The billing Software is called Smart Billing Software which is comprised of modules namely.

  * Record Management
  * New Water Connection
  * Adjastment
  * Point of Sale
  * Front office
  * Meter Readings
  * Meter Management
  * Billing Process
  * Engineering
  * customer Care
  * MIS Report

Billing Process Procedures
Meter Reading Circle

Meter reading circle works as from 15th up to the end of the month.

The meter readings are entered in the Computer system namely Smart Billing Manager by the Authority’s honest Data entry Clerk.

Corrections are done in the meter readings with high consumptions to check the validity. Also, the unread Water meters due to different reasons such as lack of access to customer premises because of closed gate/entrance are careful checked. Thorough checkups include missing water meter. The same Meter Readers in cooperation with the Data Entry Clerck performs this task.

Bills Processing

After all the corrections in the Meter readings, bills are processed by our Billing Software- Smart Billing Manager and printed.

All the monthly bills are processed within a reasonable short time by the billing software. Then printing of the Customer bills starts and it takes not more than two days because of high Customer base.

When printing of bills is done, bills are sorted and folded and delivered to all customers through mobile phone SMS, and hand delivery. Bills are also accessible at the Authority’s Website (

Payment of Monthly Water & Sewerage Bills

After delivery of water bills to all customers, payment is made through:-
• Mobile Phone (MPesa, Airtell Money, and Tigo Pesa),
• Bank (CRDB) and at
• AUWSA Pay Point


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Our Contacts

Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority – AUWSA

Tel.: +255 272547186/ 2547163
Fax: +255 272547163/ 2548981
Call Centre: 0800110069.