AUWSA Inaugurates Seventh (7th) Board of Directors

AUWSA has recently inaugurated its Seventh Board of Directors which has been appointed by the Minister of Water and Irrigation Eng. Gerson Hosea Lwenge (MP).
The ceremony was held at AUWSA main office on Thursday 13th October 2016, and attended by other government officials including Arusha Regional Commissioner, Arusha District Commissioner.

The members of the Board appointed are :

  1. Dr. Job Thomas Laiser - appointed as a Board chairman
  2. Mrs. Halima Mamuya - Appointed vice chairman to the Board and also a representative of Women
  3. Mr. Charles Maruda - a representative of local commercial sector
  4. Eng. Thomas Mosso - a representative of Domestic Water Users
  5. Mrs. Agnela Nyoni - representative from the Ministry of Water 
  6. Mr. Athuman Kihamia - Arusha City Director
  7. Hon. Kalisti Lazaro - City mayor  a representative of Local City Councilors
  8. Eng. Godfrey Felix - from Tanzania Breweries Ltd and a representative of large-scale water consumers.
  9. Mr. Richard Kwitega -  Arusha Regional Administrative Secretary  a representative of the regional Administration
  10. Eng.Ruth Koya who is Managing Director of AUWSA and serves as the Secretary to the Board.